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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I guess you are thinking that Space is a round about way to get to Paris. But let me explain....... There is a lot of time and distance between Space and Paris, however this is my story. It's been so very long since I've posted on my blog for more reasons than anyone wants to know. Mostly because things have been so busy and hectic. but anyway let's start with Space, that would be the SpaceCoast marathon and first marathon for my biz partner, Christine (seen on right of picture, that's me beside her). I am so very proud of her and thanks to her I was able to experience the last 9 miles running with her. The Spacecoast Marathon is small by comparison to the bigger Chicago, New York, Disney marathons but it was a beautiful course and the weather couldn't have been better, even for Christine. Miss picky! Anyway we had a nice Expo and she had a rockin' race with a great finishing time.
And that brings me to Paris..... I am currently training for my next marathon in Paris, France on April 11th 2010, Just 2 days after my 50th birthday. I thought it would be a great 50th birthday present to myself and prove us "mature gals" can still achieve big accomplishments. My 18 week training program started December 6th, so I am now in my 4th week of training. I really slacked off between Chicago and my new training schedule so I am really struggling to regain my fitness level. I am also dealing with lots of other challenges. I've gotten a bit used to the steep hills, but I have had some bad encounters with dogs whose owners don't seem to care where they roam, but then again I've also made friends with about 8 dogs that run regularly with me on one of my routes. I've named them all and will post pictures and tell you more about my "canine running club" in future post. And speaking of Canines...I have been trying to decide what Charity to raise money for for this marathon. There are so many worthy ones and most that are officially associated with the marathon are very large organizations with lots of money. I had decided I wanted to do something to help rescue animals and had toiled with an organization called Canine partners, dogs that help people with disabilities. A great cause but they are based out of the UK and the more I thought about it and the more I experienced the problem in my own backyard, with the ignorance of so many animal owners, the more it became clear to me that I need to raise money to help a local organization that is committed to putting an end to the problem we have here. Enter "Logan's Run", a rescue organization that places all dogs in foster homes until they find permanent homes for them. They are also extremely active in spaying/neutering, medical care and temperament training. While seeking rescues and homes for the abandoned. I will be putting together a website and taking donations through that and also putting together some events on the web and here in Murphy, NC. Plus I'll be in Florida doing many marathon expos for Milestones Jewelry and plan some fundraising events there. I hope you will follow my progress in my training and my fundraising.
I am excited about having the opportunity to help Logan's Run in their quest.
Here is their mission statement:
The "call" of Logan's Run Rescue is to give humane care and rescue to abandoned animals and to promote spay and neutering of pets; to reduce over-population while adopting a commitment to change the community's awareness and educate the public in improving the welfare of companion pets. Logan' Run Rescue will not endorse or support euthanizing healthy animals with reasonable temperaments, including those who are elderly. This rescue will attempt to treat those that are sick and work to improve the temperament of those who are ill-tempered because of past treatment or a lack of socialization." WOW, is all I can say!!!!!
check them out at

"When you have the enthusiasm and the passion, you end up figuring how to excel".

Deena Kastor, U.S. Olympic Marathoner

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Life is so much like a marathon! Your first step is your longest stride.

You decide on a program to follow (a life plan) and you try your best to follow it, but inevitably something comes up and you skip a work out or a work out goes poorly. So you do your best to get back on track, and then everything is clicking, going as planned and one morning you wake up with a minor injury, you nurture it and hopefully in a few days with adjustments you are back on track with your training. You are committed in a way you never thought possible. But so many days you don’t want to run, don’t want to eat right, and just don’t want to be present in your training. But you do it anyway, and then as you progress into the training you start to feel strong, you have the days when you think you’ll never make it and the days that YOU KNOW no one can stop you.
Unfortunately in marathon training as in life you sometimes sustain an injury that cannot be nursed back to health in time for your targeted marathon, you try running through the injury, you try everything. Nothing works and you have to drop out of that particular marathon. It crushes you and you believe nothing could be worse. You feel like giving it all up and think you can’t go on.
But you later discover that it does not mean your marathon days are OVER. You’ll work it out, get the help you need, you’ll rehab the injury and you’ll target another date for your next marathon. And this time you’ll look out for the warning signs, you’ll know better what to do to avoid the injuries. And you’ll train harder, and better. And you’ll still have your good days and bad but you’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be standing at the start line of that marathon. You’ll remember the lessons learned in the past. You’ll not make the same mistakes again, and if others try to stand in your way you’ll understand WHERE they come from but you will not let that detour you. You are running a marathon, called "YOUR LIFE”. You must be present in it every moment, for life is not a given but a given gift.
And when you step up to the start line you will be ready, you will have trained for this and you’ll know, start slow and steady, don’t rush, enjoy each moment, it will not last forever. At times you’ll feel like quitting but you’ll repeat one of your favorite mantras; mine Is “Pain is temporary, Pride is FOREVER!”
You WILL cross the finish line of this marathon and the ones to come. Many things will go into your training for the future marathons of life. You’ll never forget that you can make it to the finish line. By having the courage to take the first step in the direction you want to go is forever life changing and is rewarding each time you accomplish what you set out to do. .
As all of us recreational athletes know, it’s all about your PR, your “Personal best”, we all strive to beat our PR with each race, as in life we need to strive to beat our PR every day.
“If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last, leave old pictures in the past? Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day? So live like you're living twice, don’t take a free ride in your life. So do what it takes, you can’t rewind a moment in this life“. From the band Nickleback. Check out the entire lyrics at Great song!! And every word is great to live by.
What next Milestone you are targeting?
Run on my friends. Your health, physically and mentally is the most important thing you have.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well I am enjoying the changes of the seasons here in South West North Carolina. My husband, Stuart and I took a little adventure yesterday. We packed a picnic and our baby Maya and went for a drive on a country road through Northern Georgia. We stopped at some beautiful waterfalls (I'd love to show you the pictures but our camera battery was dead). The fall foliage was fantastic. We drove to the quaint town of Dahlonega. We fell in love with it. It's a military college town, with tons of shops and restaurants just bustling with activity. We plan to go back week after next for the "Hemlock Festival" and walk around and enjoy the town. We were planning on visiting
Amicalola falls but there was not enough time. We will go back there in several weeks for some nice hiking. We just can't believe there is so much beauty in our own back yard and that since owning this home in the mountains we never really had time on our visits to explore. But now that we are living here full time we are on a mission to find all the great hikes, biking trails, lakes, rivers and scenic drives. I will be reporting on those as we embark on this new journey and I look forward to posting pictures to share with you.
My other big adventures will be traveling throughout Florida in November for many marathon expos for Milestones Jewelry. Check out the calendar on this blog for all our upcoming shows. Then of course I am continuing my running, adding in Pilate's, Yoga and abs and buns classes. My official training for Paris marathon starts December 1st, and goes through the very coldest months in North Carolina. December-March. I could get lucky and get a mild winter and hope that it warms up in March. But that will be another changing of the seasons that I will get to experience by foot up close and personal as I battle the elements of mother nature. I look forward to many Milestones to come in the months that lie ahead.
For my business it will be figuring out if the BIG EXPOS will pay off, and personally the test of my true will and strength through training for my next Marathon.
I leave you with these two great quotes:
“If my ship sails from sight, it doesn't mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.” John Enoch Powell

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”
Bob Moawad

In Health,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well that's me at the Chicago marathon Expo with famous runner, now writer, Bart Yasso. So it's over now and I'm still on such an endorphin high. 18 hard weeks of training, with a Career change, move to North Carolina, and complete life overhaul thrown in for fun. It was challenging and at times a difficult road to this marathon. But I can tell you, it is so true that marathons are a metaphor for life, you get out of them what you put in. And boy did I get a ton out of my difficulties of training in the steep hills of N.C. It was a very lonely road at times, and I struggled to stay motivated. The mind will play many games with you when you are running alone, in pouring rain for 22 long miles, or 19, or 16 or speed work. I spent more hours running in rain than I care to remember. But I set a PR (Personal Record) by more than 24 minutes. And best of all I was strong in the last 6 miles, something I have never experienced in any of my former marathons. It was freezing cold, coldest day in history of the Chicago marathon. Lucky us, I ran with my brother Eric, his wife Teresa, and their dear friend Bill (that I've seen grow up) and friends Nicole and Sheresa. Everyone set a PR that day. It was glorious.
So many fond memories I will hold forever, like locking arms with my Brother and Bill as we approached the start line. (it took 20 minutes just to get to the start line, good thing it was a chip timed race.)
I dedicated this race to my friend Wendy who is currently battling Brain Cancer. She is a champion and a fighter, and when things got tough I just thought of the strength it takes to go through what she is going through and never ever giving up.
So I will close for now and hopefully have more time for post in the future. As I start now to cross train, biking, weight lifting and swimming and then December 1st start my new 18 week training program for the Paris Marathon. I plan on running for a Charity for that one. Chicago was my only marathon that I did not raise money for Charity. I want to always pay it forward, so if you have any suggestions as to what charity I should raise money for for please e-mail me at I have a few in mind that I am very passionate about but would love to hear your feedback, maybe a charity that not too many people do fundraising for, that really needs it.
so I leave you with a quote from the song "If this was your last day" by Nickelback; "EACH DAY IS A GIFT, NOT A GIVEN RIGHT"
Go out there and give it all you got. You never know what you are capable of until you try.
In Health,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CHICAGO only 4 weeks to go!

Before we get to the Chicago marathon update I have some catching up to do. Pictured here looking fabulous as always, is my partner Christine Sparks. Christine lives in St. Pete, FL and works all our expos and races in that area. We have some really exciting big events coming up. Visit our calendar or website for detailed dates and locations. Also Christine is training for her first full marathon,
SPACE COAST in Cocoa Beach, FL on November 29th. Of course Milestones Jewelry will be a featured vendor at the Expo for the marathon. The picture of her is from the US 10K CLASSIC in Atlanta. We love our Florida races, great partners and loyal followers but we are very excited to be branching out into north Georgia, SW North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. We are working on securing Vendor partnerships with some really great events in those areas. Also stay tuned for a ton of new products. We are currently working on a new photo shoot so we can post our new designs to our on line shopping. But remember we love to do custom work, so if you don't see what you are looking for on line now please e-mail us with your request.

Chicago? Well I am logging lots and lots of miles. I was lucky enough to be back in the Tampa Bay area where I did my 21 mile run with my sister in law, Teresa and her friend Nicole. It was a great run, especially since I wasn't running alone,and I was running on flat land. But in the last 3 miles I got lost, my Garmin (better known as my permanent running partner) kept shutting off, and the Florida sun was beating me down like a dog. Teresa and Nicole were doing 18 miles and I had lost them several miles back when I had to stop at 7-11 for water. Right when I thought I couldn't take another step, the girls drove up beside me to cheer me on. Little did they know that as soon as I saw them I would break down in tears. Long runs this late in marathon training can really break you down and cause you to be so emotional. I shouted over the busy traffic "My watch died, I got lost and I don't know how far I've gone, but I MUST do 21 miles". At that point Nicole, (who had just run 18 miles herself) JUMPED from the car and said "LET'S GO, you only have a mile to go and I'm running it with you". I did have to stop one more time to Boo-Hoo loudly to get it out of my system so I could breath and then we sprinted the last mile to make sure I got in my 21 miler. Teresa followed in the car to make sure we were OK. Now that's what I call friendship. And that's just one of the many things I love about running and runners. We are a family, always there to help out a fellow runner. Thanks so much to Teresa and Nicole. I love you both and can't wait to cross the finish line with you and our gang on October 11th in Chicago.
Oh and I just got an e-mail from my coach, Joe Burgasser and he says
"People begin running for any number of motives, but we stick to it for one basic reason-to find out who we really are".
George Sheehan, M.D.

Until next time, remember regardless of what you choose to accomplish in life

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


WOW, so very much going on. Milestones Jewelry is gearing up for one of our biggest expos to date; The US 10K CLASSIC in Atlanta, GA. Over 15,000 runners for the 10K plus I'm not sure how many for the 100K Bike ride. We are super excited and making lots of new designs. We are making some bracelets with college colors and running charms so customers can show their team pride and their passion for their sport.
My partner Christine is coming up from Florida to work the show with me, it will be good to see her. is going pretty good. Did my long run last Sunday at Chatuge Dam trail; 18 miles, this Sunday, 19 miles, then 20, 21 and 22, then I can coast into my one taper week. I think my coach is crazy, but I'm obviously crazier than he is for following his crazy schedule. I really hope the weather is cool.
PARIS........Yes, Paris, France, they announced the official date of the marathon; April 11th, 2 days after my 50th birthday. It will be my 5th marathon, on my 50th birthday! What a way to celebrate.
But for now I need to concentrate on Milestones Jewelry and Chicago marathon. All is going great in the mountains, I am loving my new life but still trying to settle into a routine.
Running alone in very lonely, I have met a few runners but no one really to run with. I think I'll post a flyer asking people to help me form a running club.
Life is very good!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, I'm back in North Carolina from Hawaii and for some reason unknown to me I am lacking motivation to run. My flight left on Monday afternoon and got back to Atlanta on Tuesday, then we had a 2 1/2 hour drive from Atlanta to our home. So that wiped out those 2 days for running. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and 5 yesterday. but I have not run at all today, waiting to see if it cools down a bit and hopefully will get in my scheduled 8 miler. Chicago marathon is only 8 weeks away. This week was supposed to be the start of my really serious running, lots of mileage!! But I'm way behind and not wanting to put in the time. There's so much to do, trying to catch up from being gone so long.
Maybe it has something to do with the sad news I received yesterday that my high school sweetheart; Jerry Trimble passed away August 9th at the young age of 49 from a heart attack. I am really sad and have been reflecting on those "good ole days" when we were young and had not a care in the world. I feel so bad for his family and all those that loved him. He was my first love and I guess that's one we never understand and never forget. May he rest in peace.
So I must forge on.....I am very blessed to have my health and my family and friends who love me so much. But most of all I am thankful to have my husband Stuart; without him I would never be living the type of life I am today. He is a wonderful man and I look forward to exploring many new adventures as we embark on this next stage of our lives here in North Carolina. We have friends coming to visit next week from New Jersey and Florida and look forward to some fun whitewater rafting and just catching up. Until then remember........
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years"....Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Surfing Hanelai Bay in Kauai, Hawaii. What a blast. The picture is of my friends Marty and Charity, Brad, and my husband Stu. I'm the cutie in the middle of the surf board, just kidding. Wow, what a blast we have been having. Beautiful Scenery, the Wainea Canyon, The Na Pali Coast, Zip Lining, and now surfing. I love it. and I havent' missed a single run yet. Tomorrow I'm running 15 miles on a trail that runs on a cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean. I hope it goes well, I'm a bit tired but I think I'll be OK especially since the scenery will be so beautiful. The food is great here, especialy if you love Sushi as much as I do. Everything is so fresh. We are off to a cool Tapas restaurant tonight with the gang. More to come after I return and put my picture album together for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am setting lots of Milestones here in Kauai. Did my 16 mile long run yesterday, great sceanery along the way. Going Snorkeling on the Napali Coast today, Zipping and Surf lessons the following days, then video shoot for Milestones Sports Jewelry, check us out at and be on the look out for a new video with lots of new Jewelry items.
The view is from my condo, so this is what I look at each morning I wake up. The views are unbelievable. Enjoying every second. Oh and if you love Sushi, it doesn't get any better than here. Well must go pack up for Catamaran/snorkeling trip. Will check in again soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I watched the movie "Spirit of the marathon" for the second time the other night. I had seen it before but at the time it was not as significant because I was training to run the New York City marathon and this movie is centered around training for the Chicago marathon. Well now I'm training for Chicago and the movie was something I greatly needed. My motivation for running is lacking right now. I'm tired, I'm sore from moving, I hurt my back moving a concrete bench, the hills are so steep around here that my legs feel like they have concrete in them, and worst of all I am the lone runner. (could I have more excuses? :-). If you watch the movie you will see the girl that always runs alone, she seems much more at peach with that than I am. I am missing my running partner, Christine terribly. I miss my running club members especially on days like today, Tuesdays are track day, speed work outs. So the movie helped me a bit, that is until I went for my long run this past Sunday. I did not scout my route ahead of time and picked one of the roads with the steepest hills in the area. My 16 mile scheduled run turned into a 13 mile run. I just couldn't take another step. It's amazing because I do love running up here, just not over 13 miles. Everyone says it will make me stronger for Chicago. The really good news is that I'm leaving for Hawaii this Saturday and will be there for 10 days, so all my runs will be on FLAT land in Kawaii. I hear it's beautiful there. When I get back I will drive around some other areas and try to find better routes for my remaining long runs.
So back to the movie, I highly recommend it, it's well done, interesting, and motivational. Tonight after track work out (if it will stop raining and storming) I am going to watch "Marathon man, 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 days". Gee if that can't motivate me then there's no hope. I am doing my longest run to date in Hawaii, 16 miles. We are also shooting a video for Milestones Jewelry. It will be on my website and I'll post on this blog as well, oh yea and UTube. Hope it comes out great. So I guess my lesson for this post is that even when you are unmotivated, lonely and just don't want to do something, but know you need to; just get up and do it anyway. I know the lone running will make me mentally stronger and the hills better make me physically stronger. And after all that is what the marathon of life is all about; putting one foot in front of the other, "relentless forward motion". And when I dig down deep I know that the challenges I face in my training for the marathon are nothing compared to what so many face everyday. and I know that I am thankful for my Health and thankful that I CAN run. So I'm asking myself right now "Are you going to be a wimp today? or are you going to go out in the stormy weather and give it all you've got? It's time for the lone runner to lace up her shoes and go to track and run my scheduled workout as best I can. Stay tuned for the outcome!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well I am finally moved in to my home in Murphy, N.C. The move has been really hard, so much unpacking, heavy lifting, etc. very tiring and hard on the legs. But it is so beautiful here I just can't put it into words. This has been my dream to move here since we bought this house 8 years ago. WOW, and here I am. I have had many Milestones since; but my two biggest ones are my first long run here last Sunday, 14 miles, and not one flat spot to be had. I am running from the bottom of my mountain down a main road. Now "main road" is very relative, not too many cars, but lots of dogs trying to become my new running partners and no bike or running lanes. So when cars do approach I have to jump off the side of the road. But anyway my 14 miler was truly a Milestone, I didn't know if I could make the full 14 miles without walking (but I did) and second, I had been stung by a bee the day before and my left inner leg was very swollen, I encountered many dogs on the way, ran some of the steepest hills I have run in many years, fell off the side of the highway and slightly twisted my right ankle (at 7 miles) and then ran the next 7 miles in driving rain!! But...I was so happy to be running in these beautiful mountains with the song birds, roosters, wild rabbits, turkeys, cows, horses, Dogs :-), and at the top of each hill another beautiful vista.
So now to my second Milestone... My first track workout alone. The fitness center near my house has a 1/4 mile track of sorts. It's really beautiful, sunflowers growing in the center of the track, I saw several wild rabbits, which reminded me of the tortoise and the hare story; I think that was a sign for me to be the "tortoise" :-). It was a great workout, 8-200's with a 200 rest in between, mile warm up and mile and half cool down. I was really stoked after my workout. I took some videos with my camera that closely resemble The Blair witch project photography. I was a little slower than my goal times but my legs are super sore from trying to adjust to so much hill running. I am just so thankful to be living in such a beautiful place.
I'm finally starting to get a bit organized, still tons to do, and looking forward to getting some gardening done. Hard work, but a big pay off. I will close with two list, "Things I love" and "Things I hate" here.
Things I love,:
The weather, The song birds, The views, the chipmunks living under my back deck, The quite, the darkness at night, all the cool things I see while running, people I don't know waving to me like a friend, drinking out of the stone water fountain at the church, the first half of my regular run is mostly down hill, having Bruce as a neighbor (he knows how to do everything), spending most of the day with my dog Maya and walking her on our shaded gravel path, the fresh produce at the "Old Well market", but mostly the peace in my heart.
Things I dislike:
THE SQUIRRELS, ticks, BEES, the few cars that don't move over when I'm running, and the last half of my regular run is ALL UP HILL (and I mean steep up hill) and I miss my family and running buddy Christine.
Not too bad; I'd say the good FAR, FAR out weighs the bad.
SO far I'm not lonely, too busy for that. I am looking forward to getting caught up enough that I can take time to sit on my deck and enjoy the view and get some time at the Lake and rivers.
Slow down my friends, Life just moves too fast. There's just so much to enjoy, and as the saying goes, the best things in really are FREE.
now go out and set your own Milestones.
and Speaking of Milestones....don't forget to visit my website and remember our jewelry makes great unique gifts. or you can e-mail me at
Stay tuned.....Chicago marathon is only 12 weeks and 4 days away. OMG!!
I have a 8 miler to run this afternoon, can't wait!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


So today I was packing all my "stuff" that has become so UNIMPORTANT to me NOW, and making the last minute plans for the permanent move to N.C. I am supposed to say I'm nervous but I'm not.....not about the move. I can't wait for the fresh air, the walks with my baby Maya, my new office, my new garden and tons of potted plants. Running the hills to make me stronger for Chicago marathon. The cooler weather, THE WHITE WATER..... I can taste the adrenaline !!!!

Yes, some would say one door is closing for me...... I don't see it that way, but OK, if it is, I'm ready, and and I see a huge sea parting for me to walk through at my leisure.....I am filled with hope and anticipation. I can taste the adventure of my new life. Not that my old one was anything I'd ever change a minute of. I have been so lucky, so blessed, and I have made the most of every thing I could in my life. I have the best of everything....the best mother, mother's husband, Papa (father), Papa's wife, my husband, brother, sister in-laws, brother-in law; the best friends, house, car, coach, but most of all I have what all these people have contributed to my life to make me ..well ME. With all my flaws, I can still look in the mirror and be happy with who I've turned out to be.

I am so blessed, and I know that is a term thrown around so loosely I hate even using it. But I must tell you that the growth I've experienced over the last 3 years or so is so profound that I could never find words to describe it.
Today something that touched my life very deeply is that my brother drove over an hour to see me for less than 30 minutes, I offer to buy him a camera for his computer so we can see each other and communicate on Skype when I'm in North Carolina and before I get home from our friends house he has bought the camera, and signed up for Skype. Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot to you but you should be lucky enough to know my brother.

So I could go on forever, because my heart is so filled up with Hope and joy. but I'll spare you. I leave you with, just this: "Look INSIDE yourself for happiness as it is the only place you will truly find it, be true to yourself and your dreams and most importantly be true to those who TRULY love you, and they are not always those that you think".
This post is dedicated to my brother Eric. I love you and I thank you for ALWAYS keeping me grounded and most of all for your unconditional love.
May "Skype" be with us!!! OK and The FORCE TOO!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Week One of my Chicago Marathon training is well underway. So far I've run 24 miles over 4 days and I'm already exhausted. I think I'll take today off from running as I have so much to do to get ready for our busy Milestones Jewelry weekend. We have 2 events tonight(Friday). Christine is working the "Adventure Island Picnic run" in Tampa and I'm working the "Taphouse 5K" in Oldsmar. (I think I got the better gig, the winners get a beer mug shaped like a boot that they wear around their neck and refill with beer until it's all gone). Not a bad gig for a Friday night. And then tomorrow we have package pickup expo for the Dunedin Triathlon and the Sunday morning we'll be working the Dunedin Tri. Whew, I'm tired already.
I normally do my long run for the week on Sunday morning but we have to get up at 4:00 am to leave for the Triathlon. So I think I'll get up tomorrow morning and do my 12 mile long run then. I'll still be short on my miles for the week. Dang!!
Well all is going well, doing a lot of packaging for my move to North Carolina, but frankly I can't wait to get out of this heat. It's hot up there too right now but the humidity is around 45% not 105% like here :-). Well I guess I'll get it all done somehow.
Gotta run,
Take care! My quote for today I saw on a church billboard while I was running. "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE"
Don't forget Milestones Jewelry has some great gift ideas for your family and friends Birthdays, and to commemorate their racing events. check out all the great jewelry ideas at
In health,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MADDOG Triathlong leaves me DOG tired but happy!!

READY,SET, SHOP!!Milestones Jewelry on line shopping is up and running!!! :-) FINALLY!!
I hope you will check it out. We have something for everyone, from the walker, runner, triathlete as well as inspirational jewelry that everyone will love.
click on the link at the beginning of this post (Milestones Jewelry).

I'm So excited that our on line shopping website is FINALLY DONE. And I want to tell you about our weekend at the Maddog Triathlon this weekend. I had no idea, but from what they told me the Maddog Triathlon club is the biggest Triathlon club in the country. And let me tell you they put on a great event. Milestones Jewelry was one of the sponsors and vendors and we enjoyed great success. So many people expressed how much they loved our jewelry and proved it by making purchases to commemorate their own race and many bought presents for their friends and family. But as my headline says; it left me DOG tired. Me and my partner were on our feet 12 hours just on Saturday alone.
So now I'm concentrating on optimizing my website and getting my first E-newsletter designed and ready to go out to all the great folks who have signed up for our Milestones Jewelry E-mail club. If you'd like to sign up (and you'll want to because we'll be giving away great prizes, offering discounts and including articles and links you'll find very interesting and helpful. just log on to and you'll see the sign up box for our E-mail Club on the left side of the home page site.
Well gotta run, it's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing......SPEED WORK AT THE TRACK!!!
Stay tuned.....Chicago marathon 18 week training program starts next Monday and only 29 days before I move to North Carolina. The next 29 days should be interesting. Quote for the day:
Days are scrolls: write on them only what you want remembered.
-Bchya Ibn Pakuda

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Milestones Jewelry website is up and RUNNING! GO SHOPPING NOW!

YEAH!!! I thought we'd never get here....but the Milestones Jewelry website is up and running. check us out at I hope everyone will go on and check it out. It's so exciting. It's been so much more work than I ever imagined but I know it will be worth it. It will continue to be a work in progress as we replace some pictures with better ones and replace some products that we have recently designed but not posted. Any suggestions are welcomed. We have an E-Mailer going out as soon as I can finish designing it and I hope you will sign up for the e-mail club when you log on to our website. Each month we will be offer discounts, interesting articles, race news as well as a chance to win great prizes. Well I gotta run for now. Still work to do on website and E-mailer. Plus we have a huge 3 day event this weekend, the Maddog Triathlon. I'm looking forward to meeting some more cool athletes and hopefully making lots of sales. And of course I'll eagerly be awaiting our first official website order:-) Who will it be?
Stay tuned. Monday I'll have a full report of Maddog and hopefully news on my first website order.
Thanks for coming along for the ride with me. Now we're really gonna have some fun!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

NO ONE TOLD ME..........

OK, No one told me how hard it would be to start my own business or how exhilarating it would be either. No one told me that when you work for yourself you rarely know what day it is.
It's Saturday and I just found out it's Memorial day weekend. Are you kidding? I can't take off on Monday, too much to do. No one told me that when I was pitched this big curve ball that I'd step up to the plate, take my stance, choke up on the bat and prepare to "hit it out of the park". OK, I haven't actually made contact with the ball yet, but I can smell it coming at me. I can smell the dust that the ball and bat striking right in the sweet spot will create. OK, I'm getting a little carried away.
But my website is painfully close to going live, and I'm so close to my BIG move to the mountains of North Carolina. AND least we forget; painfully close to my OFFICIAL Chicago marathon training program. My coach says I'll be more than ready with all hill work outs but I am always paranoid that I'll get injured. My knee kept me from running on Friday and today it was 100% great. who knows. age I guess:-)
Next weekend we have a big 3 day event in Madeira Beach,FL, The MADDOG Triathlon. I love that name. They are a huge Tri club in the area. So stay tuned for our story on that next week.
Sense my last post I've been super busy with the business, ordering, doing the website, designing Jewelry and Marketing. I am wondering how I got up every morning for 30 years, Monday-Friday, got showered and dressed, drove 40 minutes to work to sit in a cubicle and call on clients in other cities and states, write meaningless reports and have some one do roll call to make sure I was in my seat at 8:30am and 5:30pm. Really what year is this? As hard as I am working, and how I worry sometimes, I can not believe I didn't do this sooner. I have never been happier, (I have my moments) But this is what life should be about. I run and workout when I feel like it and work the rest of the day until dinner, sometimes fix dinner and then work again.
I could have never done it without the support of my husband, family and friends. I love you all.
Stayed tuned for quite a bit of adventure in the next months as my website launches, I move to North Carolina, and make contact with that fast pitch coming my way.
Watch out world..........I love home runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I'll take a base hit for now if I have to.
Keep on pushing yourself to do whatever you have dreamed~~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Milestones ROCKED "Danskins SheROX"

WOW!! What more can I say, other than we ROCKED IT!! SheROX ROCKS!! What a great event and Expo for us. This event had all the elements perfect for Milestones Jewelry to really shine.
2200 ALL FEMALE triathlon participants with lots of first timers. Plus every participant was required to come to the expo to rack their bikes for the next mornings triathlon. Other than having 2 other Jewelry vendors there, all the elements were perfect. The race director and expo coordinator were fantastic and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Erin and Mr. "Z".
We set record sales numbers and I know I say it every time; but it's so true, we met so many nice people who are so passionate about their sport. Girls, keep up the great work and I hope to see many of you again at our upcoming events. Next weekend we are at the US Secret Service 5K race in Tampa, FL. Join us if you can. AND THE BIG NEWS............the on line shopping on our website is really, really close to being up and running. I can't wait!!!!
Well, I've got tons of things to do to get ready for our next events and btw, my training for the Chicago Marathon officially starts June 1. I was sick most of last week and exhausted yesterday, so I missed my long run. Christine and I are going to try and sweat out 9 miles today if we can.
I've got to get back in my grove on my mileage. We'll see what this week holds, but if I can stay healthy I should have a nice base going into my marathon training schedule.
keep on running, biking and swimming. See you on the road to a healthy life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, Milestones is looking better and better. We have a new set up with double banners and a nice E-Z pop up tent. The tent wasn't really that E-Z to set up but we figured it out.
We had a good day at the May Classic 5K in Hyde Park, Tampa on Saturday. Again, we met tons of nice people who all seemed to love our line of running and endurance sports jewelry.
We are gearing up for this weekends "Danskins SheROX" all woman's triathlon in Orlando.
It's our first big paid expo and we are super nervous. We have the expense of the expo entry, hotel for one night, gasoline, food, etc. We need a really good day on Saturday just to break even. But I know we will make some good contacts and it's great exposure for us. So stay tuned for the outcome on that one.
Check out the picture of our new set up!!!
Also our website is coming along. I can't wait until that is up and running.
and speaking of running; I haven't done much this past week. I ran on Monday and Tuesday and had great runs, then Wednesday I came down with this horrible flu. Hope it's not the swine flu. :-(
I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow to make sure and to get some meds. I need to get back on the road running. I don't want to lose my fitness level. I need to be strong going into my Chicago marathon training that starts June 1st. Which just happens to be the same day I'm moving to North Carolina. Yes, I'm moving but our business will remain here in Florida with my partner, Christine. She will continue doing shows in Florida. I'll be flying down for the bigger shows to help her out. Then I plan on setting up some shows and expos in the SW North Carolina area and of course managing the website. I'll keep you posted on the move and my Chicago marathon training.
Have a great week and I'll check back in after SheROX.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well Tuesday was my first day in 30 years that I didn't get up and go to my traditional radio sales job. It's time to move into the next phase of my life, I am so excited and so nervous. Talk about totally stepping out of your comfort zone. But this will give me the time I need to devote to Milestones Jewelry, packing up to move to Murphy NC, and training for the Chicago Marathon.
I certainly have plenty to keep me busy.
Milestones is really going well, we had a small event last weekend at Innisbrook resort and it was great. This weekend we are looking forward to The May classic, one of the biggest 5K's in the area from what I hear. and then next weekend we have our first really big time expo, "Danskins SheROX"; an all women's triathlon (2200 participants). We had to pay a hefty fee to be at the expo but I think we will do great.
Other exciting news: Our photos are all complete and my webmaster has uploaded them along with descriptions to our official website. So the website is really moving along now. I'm not sure when it will be complete but I'm thinking in a week. I'll be sure to e-mail everyone to let you know.
Well I am really sick today, hope it's not the swine flu, I think I'll go to the walk in clinic just to be safe. My Doctor is out of town until Monday and my insurance ends tomorrow.
So I'm bummed out that I couldn't run yesterday or today. I did have 2 nice runs so far this week, on Monday I did 6 miles and Tuesday I did 5. I'm hoping I'll feel better in the morning and can get in at least 3-4 miles. we are working the May Classic race on Saturday so no run that day but should be able to do a long run with Christine on Sunday. We only have a few more long runs together and then I'll be running solo in the mountains of North Carolina.
I will miss running with her a bunch.
well gotta run........lots to do and got to get to the Dr.
Have a great day.
Oh I just have to tell you what my long time childhood friend wrote on my face book in response to me leaving my radio job and moving to NC and starting a new business,
he wrote, "Melody, life is not a 100 yard dash. Bless you on your "marathon" in life! Here's wishing you a "personal best" in your journey".
How cool is that. I am lucky to have such great friend and family.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First let me say that an update on this blog is way overdue. But here it is. My running has not been as consistant the last few weeks as I would have liked. But I think I'm back on track. Monday I logged 7 unexpected miles, by that I mean I planned on running 4 miles but decided to take a run down memory lane and go by my house that I sold last October, so the trip was a little longer than planned. Yesterday I did my weekly track work out with my running club, a tough one, 1200's with 4 minute rest and repeat with warm up and cool down 5 miles total.
And now to my main topic; GREAT FAMILIES I've met at Races and Expo for Milestones Jewelry. The picture of the cute little girl modeling her Milestones bracelet purchase is 6 year old, Cate McWilliam. Her mom Cassie was the women's overall winner at the recent Escape from Ft. Desoto triathlon. Her Dad bought her mom a custom present that I can't talk about until after mother's day. They are from Rye, NY and are a family that embraces fitness together.
Secondly you'll see the "Family of Triathletes" as described by 13 year old Kyra Sweeney from New Port Richey, FL. Her entire family runs and competes in Triathlons almost weekly. Dan and Lynn Shannon deserve a gold star for the way they are raising their daughters; Shannon (11) and Kyra. These little ladies are two of the most polite, well-spoken children I've met in a long time. Seeing families like this who all exercise together is heart warming and gives me hope that others will hear about it and adopt their lifestyles as their own.
I must also mention the Cancello family, I met Jenny at the Armadillo 5K run in Oldsmar, FL in March, she told me about her 3 daughters who were swimmers. I later had the pleasure of meeting the very polite, sweet and Athletic daughters and Jenny's super thoughtful husband, who surprised her with a purchase of a cool 26.2 gold & crystal anklet. The Cancello family is another example of a family that races and exercises together and who are setting a great example for others to follow. Last but not least the McCann family is another shining star in this category, Chuck, Pam and son Hunter, are all fierce race competitors. They consistently win or place high in their age category. But I admire them most for the way they conduct themselves as a family. Fitness is so important in so many ways. It's just been amazing for me to meet these people and get to know them. I say; keep up the good work! and I challenge others to follow their example. If you know of other exceptional families or individuals please post them on this blog for all of us to admire.
Keep on running!!!!
"Running is a gift I give myself almost everyday. Even on those days when things haven't gone great, I can come home and give myself the accomplishment of a 30 minute or more run".

Thursday, April 9, 2009


WOW, what a ride I've gotten on. Things with Milestones Jewelry are moving at Lightning speed. I can barely keep up. Who knew that little 26.2 rope anklet I made to commemorate my first marathon would turn into this. But it's all great. I'm trying not to stress out too much. But that's not really my personality :-). We have 3 races we are working this weekend. Me and Christine are splitting up, "Divide and Conquer" on Saturday. We are double booked, but I'm not complaining. Today is my 49th Birthday as well. So much going on.
Last weekend Christine and I did the 10K Iron Girl and I set another PR (for non runners, that's a "personal record"). That's one of the things I love about the sport of running. At my level you are really only competing with yourself.
So I'm moving fast (for me) on the race track, and Fast in getting Milestones Business on the road to big things.
We worked on our website yesterday with our webmaster and it's going to totally rock when it's done. The photos of the Jewelry are turning out to be much more of a challenge than we ever dreamed of, seems photographing Jewelry is one of the most difficult type of photography. But we have a great guy doing the work and what we have seen so far it FANTASTIC.
I just can't wait until the site is up for shopping so everyone can see our Jewelry Designs.
Well, as I said it's a super busy weekend for me so I better run. I will try to keep this blog more updated in the future. Please sign in and comment if you can.
Until Next time, Keep that "Relentless forward motion"!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Armadillo's were SWEET to Milestones Jewelry

And I thought this past weekends race was going to be a dud as far as sales go.............WRONG AGAIN!! The Armadillo 5K and 1 mile fun run was our best race so far. The crowd was great and the race directors FANTASTIC, thanks so much to Jason and Colleen. There were only two vendors, us and a new energy drink. There were around 600 runners and they LOVED our Jewelry. In one of my past post I expressed concern that the economy might hurt sales of our higher end Swarovski Crystal line but those were the biggest sellers this weekend. We met some of the nicest people. But then runners are always the best, especially when they are on their endorphin overdrive after completing a race. So we finally got a super great one under our belt. We have two races this weekend, "The Chasco Challenge" on Saturday in New Port Richey and "Max Bayne" on Sunday at Ft. Desoto, FL. That one is a 10 miler and 5K. I have my photo shoot for my Jewelry for the website this Thursday and then it's off to the races to get my on line shopping and website up and running.
Christine and I did our long run this past Sunday; 10 miles. I took today off to do business and recover from my aching ankle. But tomorrow I'll do my scheduled 5 miles and then hopefully have a very strong week of running. Only 2 weeks until the 10K Iron Girl and then I turn 49 on April 9th. Geez...where do the years go? I'll be celebrating my birthday by working our first Triathlon expo at Bill Jackson's sporting goods in St. Petersburg. We are out and about almost every week; some weekends Christine has us booked for 3 events. Well you just gotta pound the pavement when you are launching a new business.
Thanks for tuning in.....
Gotta Run,

Friday, March 20, 2009

George W. Bush was in my Neighborhood last night

OMG........ I went out for a short run last night. I was still sore from running 300's at track on Tuesday and decided to run a short 4 mile route in my neighborhood instead of my beach run. Near the end of my run I saw a few cop cars, men in black suits, & cell phones at a really nice house on my street. I assumed they were having a big party. There were 2 cop cars and cones blocking the street I wanted to turn on to but I assumed again that they were just trying to keep cars out not people. When I tried to make the turn they yelled that it was a secure area and I'd have to go the other way. I then said "Dude you are ruining my running route" (with a smile of course). Then I see a big TV camera and a reporter approach me to see if she could ask me a few questions. Long story short they did a short interview with me and and shot some B roll of me running. I looked like a total dork :-) So I was on the ABC affiliates 11 o'clock newscast. They lead with "Melody Tabman gets her workout interrupted by the George W. Bush".
so funny!!!
Anyway, Milestones Jewelry has a race this weekend called the Armadillo run 5K that we are displaying and hopefully selling our Jewelry line. I've gotten 2 e-mails and a phone call today from people who saw us at past expos and want to purchase more Jewelry. YEAH!!
I'll let you know how this weekend goes with the sales, since it's not a traditional expo I don't have too high of hopes. But right now we are just looking for all the exposure we can get and make all the connections we can make. It's a lot of hard work right now. But I feel confident that it will all pay off.
The next race I'm running is the 10K Iron Girl in Clearwater, FL and I'm registered for the Chicago Marathon, October 11th. Anyone run Chicago before, any advice??
Well, Gotta run,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MILESTONES JEWELRY is up and runnning!!!

Well we had a great race expo last weekend for the Bay to Bay 5K and 15K race. The Jewelry sales went great and everyone really seemed to love our unique running and endurance bracelets, anklets and earrings. We also had inspirational book markers and key chains that were very popular. We even got a few custom orders. YEAH!!!
I have been feverishly working on my website (still no shopping on it) but it does list our upcoming races and expos that we will be selling at. This weekend we have the Armadillo 5k in Oldsmar, FL and next weekend is Max Bayne 10 mile and 5K in Ft. Desoto, FL. If you would like to see a full listing of our confirmed upcoming events go to
and book mark the page. soon you'll be able to shop on line.
This business is a lot harder and much more work than I thought. Doing quick books (well my husband Stu is really doing that but I'm trying to learn), ordering banners, table cloths, business cards, searching for the cheapest places to order inventory, doing inventory, designing and making Jewelry and so much more.'s tiring but very exciting. I know it will take some time to make money at this. But we are doing some great networking, and meeting some unbelievable people.
The last two weeks my running has taken a back seat to the business but I am back on track this week. Me and my partner Christine ran track (speed work)last night and I'm planning on running all 6 days and taking off Saturday for the race expo.
So for now things are going well and I'm very hopeful that my running and my new business adventure will continue to blossom and improve.
It seems people are buying more of the simple jewelry, silver and the inspirational bracelets made of quartz. Do you think the Swarovski is too fancy for runners and triathletes??
Take a look at the pictures below and weigh in on what you like. Soon I'll have some much better pictures of the Jewelry and I'd love your feed back.

For now I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Starting a new biz from the love of Running and Jewelry

This is the beginning of a new business originated from two old passions; running and Arts & Crafts! Running has been a passion of mine since my Papa read Jim Fixx’s book; "The complete book of running". He took up the sport and I joined him. So from my passion for Art & Crafts, (I get that from my mother, the artist)I've now found a super cool way to incorporate these two loves; in "Milestones Jewelry". Milestones Jewelry is a new line of inspirational running and race themed jewelry designed for athletes of all levels, from the first time racer to the seasoned marathon runner! This unique collection of one of a kind, hand crafted Jewelry features "Milestone" charms for 5K, 10K, half marathons and marathons. Runners of all ages now have the opportunity to commemorate their special race with beautiful Jewelry that truly captures the essence of the race.
Milestones Jewelry uses only the finest quality materials including Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Our products are made for runners by runners. Milestones Jewelry was founded on the love of running, racing and inspiration…and a need for jewelry to commemorate racing achievements!
This blog is intended to chronicle what I hope will be a successful business and about me personally as a runner and new business owner. I will share my successes and my failures (which I’m sure I’ll learn much from).
So enjoy and please contribute as much as you can.