Monday, January 11, 2010


Click play above to see the video.
Yes this is my running club. "The Canine Crusaders". They are great friends and great running partners. Without them I'm not sure I could stay motivated. It took me a while to convince some of them to join my club but I finally won them over. Now when they see me they come charging at me, hit a stride and run with me pushing me to go faster. So many times they run ahead and then keep looking back at me as if to say "Really, why are you going so slow?". Some of them come from very good homes, but some not so much. They are all left to run free and encounter many bad situations. But when we are all running together, all the bad is forgotten and everyone is happy. I thank them over and over for getting me to the Chicago marathon. I was so lonely running by myself before we became a club. One of them, Smokey bones (pictured above)probably saved my life. One day we were running and we passed a house with very mean people who raised their dog to fight. The dog jumped up on me, pushing me down and ready to attack when Smokey bones jumped on him and then ran away causing the dog to chase him. Luckily Smokey out ran him and was fine. I managed to get away as well.
I hope they hear me when I thank them and talk to them about the challenges in my training and in life. They really seem to care, especially at the end of the run when they get a treat and a big hug from me. I think they like hugs better than treats.
So now they are probably missing me as I have not been able to run outside much due to snow and ice. But today I hope to join them as it is getting above 30 degrees. I will need their help to stay motivated in my training for the Paris marathon. They have also inspired me to help out one of our local rescue centers, called "Logans Run rescue". I will be posting some unbelievable statistics on the progress the rescue center is making. Check out my fundraising page to find out more at If you can give (even a little bit) I would greatly appreciate it and you can rest assured that you donation will be used 100% to help the abused and abandoned animals as well as the education of my community about spaying and neutering. I will be meeting some of the members on Wednesday and am so very excited. Well stay tuned. We have many other members in our running club not pictured in the video, as I get additional pictures I will post them, as I want all my friends to get their screen time. Thank you crusaders....see you in a few hours.

“Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.”
Emily Dickinson