Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to get your MOJO BACK!

WOW, I have been reading so many blogs and talking to so many people that just don't know why they can't get motivated. And unfortunately I am one of them. For once my brain is in it, but my body doesn't want to seem to follow. I have big plans, my first Triathlon among them. I joined a new fitness center with a pool, so I am a bit excited about swimming. And I went mountain biking for the time yesterday and loved it. And I have a great group of running buddies, so WHY oh Why am I still feeling unmotivated?
It's just so not me! I am usually the ring leader to motivate everyone else.
I am just slugging my way through work outs. I even bought new trail shoes, what's it going to take?
I guess you just have to lace up the shoes, put on the swim suit, drag out the bike and JUST DO IT!!

I sometimes wonder if it's more fun and motivating if you DON'T have a race planned, but then again maybe it's the reverse. I obviously don't have the answers. But I'm certainly searching for them.
I think I have more reasons to be motivated now than before. Great places to run, great weather, great friends that run together almost everyday and regardless of weather and uncontrolled forces. They are true Warriors. So what's wrong with me?

I will just keeping putting one foot in front of the other and see what happens. any suggestions are welcomed. Seems many people are experiencing the same thing as I am so you motivated folks out there please chime in, we need you.          

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