Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well the Jacksonville marathon is finally over. I struggled through 18 weeks of an intense running program. I had many great weeks and some bad weeks. I was never sure how I'd do considering all my training was in the hills of North Carolina and my marathon was flat all the way. Many times I wanted to give up, throw in the towel. But as predicted by all my friends the hill training paid off big. I shaved 27 minutes off my best marathon time. I came in at 4:17:30, and the best part is I was that I held a consistent pace for all 26.2 miles, and achieved a negative split. (I ran the last half of the marathon faster than the first half, which is pretty difficult to do). 
This marathon and the 18 weeks and even prior to that has given taught me many things:

1. Just like life; You get out of a marathon what you put in.  

2. Your support system is paramount. If you don't have the support of your family, especially your spouse it's almost impossible to excel in the marathon. So I thank my husband from the bottom of my heart for being the best cheerleader ever.

3. The people you train with make all the difference in the world. Train with unmotivated, half serious people, you become like them. Train with people like my "Murphy Maniacs" you become like them. I can not thank my running friends in Murphy enough. I can't express their zest for running, their dedication, their consistency, their drive. I wish I could find the words to describe them.  They have made me SO MUCH more of a better runner and better person. Thank you, Pat, Jennifer, Tania, Tracy, David, Paul, and Daisy. You guys will help me get to Boston.

4. It's true that a marathon is 80% mental and 20% physical. Running Jacksonville was difficult mentally because I am so used to crowd support, this was like a really long run with basically no one around. So being mentally strong was a big factor in my PR.

5. And finally I learned that any thing is possible. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. But of course you have to put the work in to it. Nothing good comes easy. I never thought I'd even get close enough to be thinking about qualifying for Boston.

So in closing; again I thank my husband for always supporting me, putting up with the training and being the best cheerleader during my marathons. I thank Marsha (mom) and Norman (Papa) for teaching me that I can do any thing I put my mind to. I thank my running buddies in Murphy, Christine, my Coach; the Rock Star Joe, who never lets up or gives up on me.  
Special thanks to Amanda & Pat for all their pep talks.When I wanted to drop out and give up on this marathon. You ladies are a Class act! And my brother, Eric and Sister in law Teresa, you guys are always there for me. Also, thanks to my many friends that are always there to motivate me and never let me down.

I am so very thankful for my health and my friends and family. It's a great time for all of us to reflect on the past but more importantly to look to the future.
I realize that just one kind word, one email, one phone call can really change a person. So I challenge you to set your own goals high for the coming year, and motivate that friend, co-worker or family member to achieve their goals as well. You can make a big difference in someones life.
Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose. Tennessee Williams   

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, We have one last Florida marathon Expo remaining for 2010, the Marathon of the West Palm Beaches. My husband Stuart and Christine will be working that one while I hold down the fort with my Babies, Aragorn and Maya, and continue my last weeks of training for the Jacksonville marathon on December 19th.
The last 5 weeks have been a whirl wind for all of us at Milestones. We are so appreciative to all our customers and all the great folks we met at the last expos.  We have so many repeat customers and are so Thankful for all of your support. Also we want to Thank all the great race/expo directors who created a wonderful buying and selling experience for these events. The BIGGEST thanks goes to my husband, Stuart whom without I would have never made it through these events. He and Christine trading off shows with me has been a Blessing. The sacrifice will be worth it when I run Jacksonville and hopefully make him proud.   
Also I am so proud of our new Christmas Ornament that we designed and had cast in Pewter for us. It has our Milestones runner in the center, and in a week or so we will have our new Sterling Silver Milestones runner girl charm. If you haven't gotten your ornament yet go to our website and order now before they are all gone. We are getting low on inventory and won't be having any more made until next year. You will not find this ornament anywhere else as we own the design. Well I hope to write many more times before the end of the year. But I do  want to wish you all a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Milestones Jewelry setting "Milestones"

Well as always it's been way too long since I've posted to this blog. We have been Crazy busy with Milestones Jewelry and going through all of our growing pains. We have added a new clothing line to our business and New Jewelry designs as well. I'm so excited about our new Christmas Tree ornament that we had cast for us featuring our Runner girl from our logo. And we should be receiving next week our new Runner girl charm in sterling silver as well as the 13.1 (half marathon) and 26.2 (full marathon) Barell beads that fit Pandora style bracelets.
Reflecting back now over the last 2 and 1/2 years, we have come so far since our first set up in Treasure Island, FL at a 5K with just a little table, yellow table cloth and laminated signs. Now we have a rockin' set up, Beautiful banners, logo table cloths and grid walls!!
We can barely keep up with the website orders. We are sponsors of the new Facebook application called "IjustRan" that you can log your miles in running, swimming and biking. It's too cool!!
So Milestones Jewelry is on the road again to Florida, this weekend the Women's half marathon in St. Petersburg, next Coco Beach for Space Coast marathon, which I am going to run as a long training run for the "real thing", Jacksonville marathon in December. Then we go to West Palm Beach for the last of the Florida Expos this year. Then we'll be off to Jacksonville where I'm hoping for a huge P.R. (Personal best time).  My training has been going well, other than my IT band problems. Last two long runs have been great! I felt strong and still had gas in the tank after my 19 miler and 20 miler last week. So if I can keep injuries at bay and keep up with my weekly mileage I should do well in the marathon.
Well, better run :-) Remember what Abe Lincoln said:
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years".


Thursday, October 28, 2010


I really don't know where to start. It's been so long since my last entry. I guess I'm just wondering about Motivation, how do you get it? How do you lose it? In my last entry appropriately titled NO DOUBT, I talked about how motivated I was. So I guess this one is about well.....DOUBT! I'm 7 weeks away from my planned Jacksonville marathon. I pulled a hamstring running a half marathon several weeks ago. I set a new PR and was very happy with my performance. The hamstring is feeling much better now, NOW it's my left knee that's bothering me. We think it is ITB, known as IT Band syndrome, which really in your hip but the pain is in the knee. Anyway it started about 2 weeks ago on my long run of 16 miles. I had to walk a lot and was in severe pain. Like most runners, I'm running through it with just a few days here and there off.
But what worries me even more is that I feel like my long run distances are no where near as many or as long as they have been in my last two marathon training programs. I really haven't had one good long run, NOT ONE!! That's really bad, with only 7 weeks to go. I'll try for an 18 miler this Saturday with some friends.
I emailed my Rock Star Coach, and he says give it 2 weeks and see how I feel, but he's really talking about the knee pain, not the DOUBT about where I am in my training and if I'm ready to set a PR in Jacksonville. I will not be happy with anything other than a sub 4:30 marathon. (btw, this is fast for me so don't laugh if you're thinking "you" could do that in your sleep). 
So I am struggling as whether or not to drop out of Jacksonville. I have not signed up yet, not made airfare reservations, nor hotel, etc. Jacksonville does not sell out so I have the Luxury of waiting to make a decision. Maybe this is bad, if I'd paid and made all the arrangements like I have in the past maybe I'd be more committed, or feel different. I really don't know. I guess things change drastically when you are shooting for a PR time and not just to finish. I know I can finish, I just don't want to be miserable the last 6 miles or more like I was in Paris. So I have really no answers! It's very difficult when I have so many Milestones Jewelry Expos coming up and we are so busy. But that's a good thing. Well I guess I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other and come to a decision. I'll keep you posted.
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go". ~T.S. Eliot


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Road Trip...Nashville, Lake Lanier, Chickamauga, then Florida!

This is me sprinting to the finish line in a recent 5K race. I actually placed first in my age division (the old lady's division, I call it) :-)
But I set a P.R. and feel that I am getting stronger and a little faster. My training is going well for the Jacksonville Bank Marathon. December 19th will be here before I know it. I'm hoping that running all the hills around here in North Carolina will help me set a nice P.R. in Jacksonville. But it's too early to start putting that much pressure on myself. I will just try to stay consistent, get in all my weekly miles and stay healthy and injury free.

Well Milestones Jewelry goes on the Road again this weekend. We are off to the Nashville Women's half marathon in Tennessee on Thursday for a two day expo, then it's the Lake Lanier Triathlon (near Atlanta, GA.), Buttar Tri in Orlando, then Chickamauga (near Chattanooga, TN) then off to Florida for St. Pete Women's half, . Space Coast marathon, & The marathon of the West Palm Beaches. All should be great shows and we are very excited for all our past and new customers to see our new line of Pewter Jewelry and Gifts as well as our new line of Apparel and lots of new Jewelry designs. Check it all out on our website at www.milestonessportsjewelry.com.
I look forward to seeing you at one of these great event expos coming up. Please stop by our booth to say hello and check out all our great new items.
Until next time..." Take a great leap, one that is wider than what your pants can allow, and you will never be the same."
 Robert Philemon Kanyike --- Uganda

Thursday, September 9, 2010


The principle is competing against yourself.  It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before. -Steve Young

So as I went into my 4th week of my 18 week marathon training program, I was full of doubt. Doubt that I'd have the time to train properly, that I'd be able to meet my time goal. The doubt that I'd let myself and my coach down.  The crazy thing is that I know that I can do anything I set my mind to. I am blessed to have the good health to be able to train for another marathon. As Samuel Johnson said  "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."

I must thank my Mother and Papa who always told me all things are possible if you believe in yourself. And they spent a great deal of time helping me to believe it! I am so grateful to have such a supportive family, husband, and circle of friends to cheer me on in all I do and encounter in life.

But at the end of the day it is really only ourselves we must depend on. No one else can run my miles for me, eat right for me, or keep me mentally strong. 

So as I was running my 13 miles on Monday, Labor Day I realized just how much I do love to run. I run because I'm sad, because I'm happy, I run from things, and towards them. I run alone and with groups of friends and groups of strangers. People often ask that question of me; Why do you run? I usually quip something stupid like "I don't really know, guess I'm crazy". But of course I wouldn't be training for my 6th marathon if that were the real reason.

My company Milestones Jewelry recently started carrying a line of clothing with inspirational sayings on the shirts and the one that rings the most true for me is the one that says "I RUN...for MYSELF". I run for achievement, to keep myself in check, to realize that some days things are difficult and others are easy. I run to be outdoors, to experience the weather. When I worked in corporate America, some days I'd have no idea what the weather felt like that day because I was in an office all day.    I love the feeling of being so tired that I think I can not take another step, and then I  love more the feeling I get when I dig down deep and go another mile, or 20. I love crossing the finish line, the emotions of completing a task I have been training for for over 4 months. I always cry as I cross the finish line of a marathon or usually when I can see it. All the emotions, the ups and downs, the missed runs, the extra mileage, the sacrifice, the pain, the runners high,  the gratefulness of my good health & the people who have supported me and sacrificed for me. The people who are there in spirit.

So now as I complete this blog, doubt is gone, at least for a  while. I know I have a long 14 weeks ahead of me. I'm sure I'll come back and read this entry many times before I lace up my shoes and stand nervously at the start line of the Jacksonville Bank Marathon on December 19th, 2010.

My goal is to be standing there and have NO DOUBT that I will run my best race ever. That I have put in what I expect to get out. That I am strong, and will again experience a high that I will never be able to put into words. So I will continue to blog about my journey to that start line, and how much it parallels life in general.   

Remember you have only one chance at this life, ENJOY THE JOURNEY!    

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home & Exciting new products on Website!!

Home sweet home! New Jersey & Philly were great but it's so good to be back home. Back with my dogs, Aragorn at top and Maya underneath. And back to my workout schedule in the mountains!!
There are so many exciting things going on with Milestones Jewelry. If you have not checked out our website lately you really should take a minute to peruse the site at www.milestonessportsjewelry.com.  We have new categories like "Gifts for Men" and "Gifts $25 and under". It's not too soon to start your Holiday shopping. And if you are a triathlete or have one on your gift list you have got to check out all our new items in our Triathlon category! We have Christmas ornaments with runners and cyclist on them, Mesh Cinch bags for running, Triathlons or they can be used to carry just about anything, and they are only $14.99!!
And speaking of Triathletes.........Look out! My partner Christine Sparks just completed her 1st Triathlon and is already signed up for a second one! She rocked it out at the Crystal River Triathlon with a great finishing time, she's looking to improve even more at her next one in Venice, FL
Congratulations to Christine and her friend Libby!         
 That's Christine on the Right! She's drawn first blood so I guess the challenge is on for me to get into gear and do my first Triathlon. Since I'm training for the Jacksonville, FL marathon, it's been very hard for me to get my cycling and swimming in so I may have to wait until after my marathon and do my first Triathlon in the spring. Marathon training and running your own business, traveling to expos and home life is a FULL PLATE, to say the least. But I love it and I'm hoping for a great race in Jacksonville. Christine is also training for the same marathon.
Well take care, stay healthy, live life to the fullest and remember don't take a free ride in your own life!
Give it all you've got and then a little bit more. 12 mile long run for me tomorrow.......Can't wait :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

On the road to New Jersey & Philly Triathlon Events

Well last weekend was a Milestone Sales Record event for Milestones Sports Jewelry. The New Jersey State Triathlon in Princeton, put on by CGI Racing was a fantastic event for us and the Awesome Athletes as well. We rolled out our new line of Pewter Jewelry that includes a great Tri Pendant on an adjustable rope necklace for men. but the ladies loved it too.
The Entire line was a huge hit!!! Real Men Wear Jewelry......Tri it!!!!! Check it out at http://www.milestonessportsjewelry.com/
This coming weekend we are off to the Women's SheRox Tri in Philly. We are looking forward to another great event.Then the following weekend we wrap it up with the Jersey Girl Ti on the Jersey shore!!!
We enjoy these events so much. We meet such nice people. All ages, sizes, & shapes. They are amazing people. The first timers are so much fun to talk with. I am especially interested in picking their brains and listening to their stories because I am training for my first Triathlon, Oct. 2nd at Lake Lanier near Atlanta, GA .At the same time I'll be training for my 6th marathon in Jacksonville, FL on December 19th. Some times I think I'm crazy, but it keeps me going and keeps me focused on a specific goal. The Triathlon is a big challenge. I just bought my first road bike and am excited to get home and start my cycling training. My business partner, Christine just completed her first Triathlon this weekend at Crystal River, FL so the Challenge is on. Now she can wear all our cool Triathlon Jewelry and I can't, until I complete my first Tri. I love the Jewelry so much that it's worth it to train and complete a Triathlon. Plus it's a great new challenge for me.
Well stay healthy, and remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it!!!
In health,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Triathlon events & New Milestones coming in the near future!

So many exciting things going on since my last post. Milestones Jewelry is launching a whole new line of Triathlon Jewelry. The Pendant at the left is just one example. It's pewter on an adjustable cord. It looks great on guys and girls alike. And we are pricing it so everyone can afford it. Only $19.99!!!! It's not on the website yet. But check out our Expo calendar, They will be available there and we are taking pre-orders with free shipping. Just e-mail us. WOW, things have been so exciting lately. this weekend we were at the Waterfront Tri in Chattanooga, TN, what a beautiful venue. well organized race, an Olympic distance Tri, the athletes were Awesome to say the least!! What's next? We are off the New Jersey for the New Jersey State Tri in Princeton, then SheRox  Philly, and then back to NJ for "Jersey Girl" Tri.
In Florida my partner, Christine will be at the World famous "TOP GUN" Triathlon!
After the Paris marathon I said, I'm done with marathons for a while, I was training for my first Triathlon when I realized I still have something to prove at the marathon...so I have committed to run the Jacksonville marathon on December 19th. Christine and other friends will be joining me. After that I'll go back to my Tri training and target a spring Triathlon probably in Florida.
Check out our website if you haven't done so lately, We've added a ton of great Silver and Gold charms, lots of new necklaces and bracelets and coming soon, our new line of Tri Jewelry.
Milestones Jewelry is available in Florida running stores; Fit2Run and Running Zone in Melbourne Florida. if you'd like to see our Jewelry in your favorite running store, tell the manager and owners about us.
We'll have speed work at the track today so I better get some work done. Stay tuned for lots of new and exciting things from Milestones Jewelry.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to get your MOJO BACK!

WOW, I have been reading so many blogs and talking to so many people that just don't know why they can't get motivated. And unfortunately I am one of them. For once my brain is in it, but my body doesn't want to seem to follow. I have big plans, my first Triathlon among them. I joined a new fitness center with a pool, so I am a bit excited about swimming. And I went mountain biking for the time yesterday and loved it. And I have a great group of running buddies, so WHY oh Why am I still feeling unmotivated?
It's just so not me! I am usually the ring leader to motivate everyone else.
I am just slugging my way through work outs. I even bought new trail shoes, what's it going to take?
I guess you just have to lace up the shoes, put on the swim suit, drag out the bike and JUST DO IT!!

I sometimes wonder if it's more fun and motivating if you DON'T have a race planned, but then again maybe it's the reverse. I obviously don't have the answers. But I'm certainly searching for them.
I think I have more reasons to be motivated now than before. Great places to run, great weather, great friends that run together almost everyday and regardless of weather and uncontrolled forces. They are true Warriors. So what's wrong with me?

I will just keeping putting one foot in front of the other and see what happens. any suggestions are welcomed. Seems many people are experiencing the same thing as I am so you motivated folks out there please chime in, we need you.          

The really cool thing is that Milestones Sports Jewelry website is really looking great. Lots of new products and we are currently working on adding lots and lots of charms, Gold and Sterling silver. So check it out at http://www.milestonessportsjewelry.com/ and e-mail me with your suggestions on how to get my MOJO BACK~~~     

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I finished the Paris marathon, and I'm glad I can say I did it! It certainly was not one of my proudest moments in my running career. I still had jet lag, my training leading up to the event was sub-par at best. I let too many outer elements affect my training. I crossed the START line 20 minutes after the gun went off and then like an idiot tried to catch my pace group. which I did, and then at mile 18 it was pretty much over. I struggled from 18-26.2 miles but some how managed to cross the finish line in under 5 hours. I was disappointed to say the least. But I learned a lot, and will not make the same mistakes again. But I did have a fantastic vacation in Paris.What a wonder city!
I've said it before, "Life is like a marathon". You get out of it what you put in! You can't make up for lost time, or days past. You must be consistent, stay the course, stay motivated and just simply put in the work it takes to meet your goals. It's not going to happen on it's on. Also having fear & worry cripples you. Going out too fast; trying to "catch up" doesn't work in a marathon or in life. You must pace yourself and have a good game plan. Once you have your plan don't panic if something goes work, stay the course, slow & steady. And lastly FINISH STRONG! Dig down deep when things are tough, when you are in pain, focus on each step you take, and enjoy your journey. The end will come soon enough.          
So now I am faced with the question of What's next? I need goals, I like goals, I like achieving them the best!
I've been a bit lost since returning from Paris. My running has taken a back seat to my business, my newly adopted dog "Aragorn" and trying to get my life in order. I sit here today not sure what my next step is.
I do have the Warrior Dash this Sunday. A crazy idea. I am not in shape for it but will be the Warrior none the less. After all you get a free T-shirt and a Warrior Helmet! check out the website to see just how crazy I am. http://www.warriordash.com/
So I'll go and have fun with my friends and continue to think about my next accomplishment. Hmmm.........
Another marathon? A half? My first Triathlon? A long hike on the Appalachian Trail? or maybe something really out there. I'll keep you posted, let me know if you have any suggestions that might peak my interest.
Until then stay safe and live life, Remember you can not rewind a single day!
In Health,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Florida trip and Expos coming to a close.

Well it's been over 5 weeks since we packed up the truck and left the snow of North Carolina for Sunny Florida, which actually turned out to be pretty cold. It's been a busy trip with barely time to see our friends.
The Expos all went very well, with Gasparilla in Tampa and The Princess in Disney topping the list. We met many nice people and sold tons of jewelry to help our customers commorate their Milestone.
My training for Paris has been more difficult than I expected. Standing on my feet for very long hours at expos every Friday and Saturday then doing a long run of over 18 miles on Sundays has been challenging. But some how I've managed to get in most of my weekly mileage and get in a half marathon, which I amazed myself by setting a PR.
So this Friday we take the long drive back to North Carolina and continue my training and 2 more expos before flying off to Paris. ING Georgia on March 19 & 20 and the Knoxville, TN marathon the following weekend. I still have a 20, 21 and 22 mile long run to look forward to. But I know it will all be worth it once the plane lands in Paris, I celebrate my 50th birthday and run my 5th marathon on April 11th, then let the vacation begin!!!
I am still raising money for Logan's run rescue, a great animal recue organization in N.C. So my run with be for the dogs. I know that even though I have not raised as much as I would have liked, that the money will be well spent on helping my four legged friends. I will miss my brother, sister-in-law, Christine and my other friends but I am ready to get home and settle back into a daily routine.
Have a great day!
"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"
James Dean

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running, Jewelry, Expos, Florida and the DOGS!!

Well it has been forever since I've updated this blog. so much to tell and so little time to tell it in. We've been in Florida for about 3 and half weeks. It's been busier than I ever imagined. Preparing for Expos, working expos, making jewelry for Expos and of course trying to keep up with my training for the Paris marathon which is now only 7 short weeks away. I know I should be excited about going to France and my vacation that will follow my 50th birthday and my 5th marathon. but.......all I can think about and worry about is the marathon itself. I have an ankle injury that is nagging met to death. I've never gone into a marathon with any injuries. I am so very nervous. I have really trained hard for this one, more than the ones in the past and have had many more challenges than any ones in the past as well. We'll see if that will make me stronger or if this old body will let me down. :-(
We are working the Tampa Gasparilla final marathon this weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then I will attempt to run the Gasparilla half marathon with my sister-in-law, Teresa. This will be a good test on my conditioning and to see if the ankle will hold up.
NOW FOR THE DOGS........i am continuing my fundraising efforts in the few minutes I can squeeze in during this busy time. to date I have raised about $800 but need much more. When I return home I will resume my quest to get some great items for our Silent auction and dinner dance fundraiser that will take place after the Paris marathon on May 15th. That should be very exciting.
Well, I want to keep this brief and my alarm just went off warning me to get on my running clothes and lace up the shoes to go run. so I'm off!!!!!
check out my website calendar for our upcoming events. We have The princess half marathon at Disney next weekend then home one weekend then ING Georgia in Atlanta, and so many more exciting expos and races to follow.

"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." - Henry Wheeler Shaw
Stay healthy and reach for the stars!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Running for the "Run"

Well I am officially running for the "Run" now. That's Logan's Run Animal Rescue.
I am raising money by running 26.2 miles in Paris, France for my 5th marathon. As those of you who know me know that I am passionate about many things, but high on my list is fundraising (Paying it forward) and running. This year I choose to run for a small organization where I felt I could make the biggest impact. Animal control in this area that I live in is...how can I say? Almost non-existent. If not for Logan's Run Rescue there would be so many more abused, and abandoned animals roaming the beautiful roads I run on and call home now.
Since their inception, barely a year ago they have helped over 175 stray and abandoned animals find good homes and the number is growing every week. It truly is saving lives one cat and dog at a time. It costs an average of $60 per animal to get one spayed or neutered and often by the time they get a dog or cat adopted they have over $100 or more invested in that animal. All donations they raise and 100% of all the funds I raise for my marathon go directly to helping these animals.
I also was fortunate enough to be invited to the last board meeting for LRR and volunteered to be on the fundraising committee full time. So I'll be helping them out even after the Paris marathon. The people on the board are some of the nicest people I have ever met and are so passionate about this mission. We have some great fundraising ideas, Like a Walk in the Park for dogs and I am even considering looking into putting on a 5K run, 1 mile fun run for kids and a walk for the dogs. Our area doesn't have many races so I think we could do a good job advertising it and get a great turn out for a great cause. Also we are working on a dinner and silent auction to be held in May after I return from France.
I know fundraising for my marathon will be very difficult as some people may feel it is not a problem that affects them directly. But I urge you, that if you can help please do. It has to start somewhere. Any animal, any where in the world that we can help is an act of kindness and greatly needed.
Please go to www.logansrunrescue.com to find out more about the great dogs that are available for adoption and the great job these folks are doing educating the community.
On another note I am feverishly getting ready for our marathon "marathon" for Milestones Jewelry in Florida. We will be doing 5 marathons Expos from Feb.5-March 7th, On the list is The Melbourne music half marathon, The Suncoast Classic 5K & 10K in St. Pete, 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville, Gasparilla in Tampa and then then Disney's Princess half marathon in Orlando. Then one weekend to drive back, make jewelry, recover and then off to Atlanta for ING Georgia.
I am planning on running in the Melbourne half and the Gasparilla half. I'll be dead on my feet, but I figure they'll help me get a feel of my process towards Paris. I can't wait to see my friends and family in Florida and have lots of running partners. Though I do have to say that I am very pleased to finally have found some running buddies (other than the dogs) here in Murphy. some very nice folks who have been nice enough invite me to join them on several runs a week. They are tough cookies too. They hit the hills like they are nothing, they are much faster than I am but I know running with them will make me stronger. so on that note I will close so that I can change to go run the hills in the cemetery (No that's not a typo)they run in a cemetery that has a great huge hill loop. Very difficult and challenging. but as a very nice man that I met last night said "Run the hills and race the flats" Great advice.
And I will leave you with this great quote:
I don't believe in the concept of hell, but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals. Gary Larson

Monday, January 11, 2010


Click play above to see the video.
Yes this is my running club. "The Canine Crusaders". They are great friends and great running partners. Without them I'm not sure I could stay motivated. It took me a while to convince some of them to join my club but I finally won them over. Now when they see me they come charging at me, hit a stride and run with me pushing me to go faster. So many times they run ahead and then keep looking back at me as if to say "Really, why are you going so slow?". Some of them come from very good homes, but some not so much. They are all left to run free and encounter many bad situations. But when we are all running together, all the bad is forgotten and everyone is happy. I thank them over and over for getting me to the Chicago marathon. I was so lonely running by myself before we became a club. One of them, Smokey bones (pictured above)probably saved my life. One day we were running and we passed a house with very mean people who raised their dog to fight. The dog jumped up on me, pushing me down and ready to attack when Smokey bones jumped on him and then ran away causing the dog to chase him. Luckily Smokey out ran him and was fine. I managed to get away as well.
I hope they hear me when I thank them and talk to them about the challenges in my training and in life. They really seem to care, especially at the end of the run when they get a treat and a big hug from me. I think they like hugs better than treats.
So now they are probably missing me as I have not been able to run outside much due to snow and ice. But today I hope to join them as it is getting above 30 degrees. I will need their help to stay motivated in my training for the Paris marathon. They have also inspired me to help out one of our local rescue centers, called "Logans Run rescue". I will be posting some unbelievable statistics on the progress the rescue center is making. Check out my fundraising page to find out more at www.logansrunrescue.com If you can give (even a little bit) I would greatly appreciate it and you can rest assured that you donation will be used 100% to help the abused and abandoned animals as well as the education of my community about spaying and neutering. I will be meeting some of the members on Wednesday and am so very excited. Well stay tuned. We have many other members in our running club not pictured in the video, as I get additional pictures I will post them, as I want all my friends to get their screen time. Thank you crusaders....see you in a few hours.

“Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.”
Emily Dickinson