Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Triathlon events & New Milestones coming in the near future!

So many exciting things going on since my last post. Milestones Jewelry is launching a whole new line of Triathlon Jewelry. The Pendant at the left is just one example. It's pewter on an adjustable cord. It looks great on guys and girls alike. And we are pricing it so everyone can afford it. Only $19.99!!!! It's not on the website yet. But check out our Expo calendar, They will be available there and we are taking pre-orders with free shipping. Just e-mail us. WOW, things have been so exciting lately. this weekend we were at the Waterfront Tri in Chattanooga, TN, what a beautiful venue. well organized race, an Olympic distance Tri, the athletes were Awesome to say the least!! What's next? We are off the New Jersey for the New Jersey State Tri in Princeton, then SheRox  Philly, and then back to NJ for "Jersey Girl" Tri.
In Florida my partner, Christine will be at the World famous "TOP GUN" Triathlon!
After the Paris marathon I said, I'm done with marathons for a while, I was training for my first Triathlon when I realized I still have something to prove at the I have committed to run the Jacksonville marathon on December 19th. Christine and other friends will be joining me. After that I'll go back to my Tri training and target a spring Triathlon probably in Florida.
Check out our website if you haven't done so lately, We've added a ton of great Silver and Gold charms, lots of new necklaces and bracelets and coming soon, our new line of Tri Jewelry.
Milestones Jewelry is available in Florida running stores; Fit2Run and Running Zone in Melbourne Florida. if you'd like to see our Jewelry in your favorite running store, tell the manager and owners about us.
We'll have speed work at the track today so I better get some work done. Stay tuned for lots of new and exciting things from Milestones Jewelry.

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