Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home & Exciting new products on Website!!

Home sweet home! New Jersey & Philly were great but it's so good to be back home. Back with my dogs, Aragorn at top and Maya underneath. And back to my workout schedule in the mountains!!
There are so many exciting things going on with Milestones Jewelry. If you have not checked out our website lately you really should take a minute to peruse the site at  We have new categories like "Gifts for Men" and "Gifts $25 and under". It's not too soon to start your Holiday shopping. And if you are a triathlete or have one on your gift list you have got to check out all our new items in our Triathlon category! We have Christmas ornaments with runners and cyclist on them, Mesh Cinch bags for running, Triathlons or they can be used to carry just about anything, and they are only $14.99!!
And speaking of Triathletes.........Look out! My partner Christine Sparks just completed her 1st Triathlon and is already signed up for a second one! She rocked it out at the Crystal River Triathlon with a great finishing time, she's looking to improve even more at her next one in Venice, FL
Congratulations to Christine and her friend Libby!         
 That's Christine on the Right! She's drawn first blood so I guess the challenge is on for me to get into gear and do my first Triathlon. Since I'm training for the Jacksonville, FL marathon, it's been very hard for me to get my cycling and swimming in so I may have to wait until after my marathon and do my first Triathlon in the spring. Marathon training and running your own business, traveling to expos and home life is a FULL PLATE, to say the least. But I love it and I'm hoping for a great race in Jacksonville. Christine is also training for the same marathon.
Well take care, stay healthy, live life to the fullest and remember don't take a free ride in your own life!
Give it all you've got and then a little bit more. 12 mile long run for me tomorrow.......Can't wait :-)