Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IRON GIRL (World Triathlon Corporation) chooses Milestones Jewelry as Official Jeweler!

About 4 years ago I was standing at the start line with a few friends and my sister-in-Law, Teresa getting ready to run the 10K Iron Girl Race in Clearwater, FL. As I looked up and saw another Jewelry Company's Flags, Banners and Logos everywhere, I turned to Teresa and pointed at the Logo flag and said "One day that will say Milestones Jewelry".
After that we struggled to even be able to set up a booth and sell our Jewelry line at Iron Girl events due to some contract issues with the other company.  We finally convinced Iron Girl to let us set up at expos and races to sell our Jewelry. We quickly gained respect and a great relationship with the people who put on the events. Our first year we did great at the events in  Clearwater, FL and Atlanta, GA. Later we joined several of their other events.  I love participating and selling at the IRON GIRL expos. They are more than a race, they are so empowering and fun for Women.

We have worked very hard to build our business and now have a full line of Exclusive Jewelery as well as Apparel and Accessories. And we are getting ready to roll out our own line of Apparel.
Well late last year we were contacted by  Iron Girl asking if we'd be interested in becoming the EXCLUSIVE Jeweler of IRON GIRL. That meant we could be at all their events to sell our products and that we would be the ONLY Jeweler with the rights to design, produce and sell Iron Girl Jewelry. 

I really couldn't believe it. We worked diligently for months to iron out the contract and finally this week we signed the contract and are Now Officially the IRON GIRL EXCLUSIVE JEWELER!!!

We will also be designing and providing the top finisher awards to all the IRON GIRL winners.
You're going to love the new awards!!!   

I have already designed over 10 pieces for our Iron Girl line of Jewelry, they go into production this week and we should be able to premiere them by the end of February.   If I must say so myself  THEY ARE AWESOME!!!
So please visit us at all the Iron Girl events across the country and shop on line once we roll  out our new pieces at www.milestonessportsjewelry.com or www.Irongirlshop.com

It is such an honor for us to have been chosen for this prestigious opportunity.

So next time you are standing at the start line or running through the finish line chute and see the Milestones Jewelry Logo flags and banners, remember it was a hard earned position for us and we are so proud to be able to bring to you, our customers the highest quality most unique and beautiful Jewelry possible. 
Thank you to all our friends, family and especially our customers that have supported us and believed in us over the last four years. We won't let you down.

"The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do."
~ Unknown
Never, Never Quit!!!

In Health,