Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First let me say that an update on this blog is way overdue. But here it is. My running has not been as consistant the last few weeks as I would have liked. But I think I'm back on track. Monday I logged 7 unexpected miles, by that I mean I planned on running 4 miles but decided to take a run down memory lane and go by my house that I sold last October, so the trip was a little longer than planned. Yesterday I did my weekly track work out with my running club, a tough one, 1200's with 4 minute rest and repeat with warm up and cool down 5 miles total.
And now to my main topic; GREAT FAMILIES I've met at Races and Expo for Milestones Jewelry. The picture of the cute little girl modeling her Milestones bracelet purchase is 6 year old, Cate McWilliam. Her mom Cassie was the women's overall winner at the recent Escape from Ft. Desoto triathlon. Her Dad bought her mom a custom present that I can't talk about until after mother's day. They are from Rye, NY and are a family that embraces fitness together.
Secondly you'll see the "Family of Triathletes" as described by 13 year old Kyra Sweeney from New Port Richey, FL. Her entire family runs and competes in Triathlons almost weekly. Dan and Lynn Shannon deserve a gold star for the way they are raising their daughters; Shannon (11) and Kyra. These little ladies are two of the most polite, well-spoken children I've met in a long time. Seeing families like this who all exercise together is heart warming and gives me hope that others will hear about it and adopt their lifestyles as their own.
I must also mention the Cancello family, I met Jenny at the Armadillo 5K run in Oldsmar, FL in March, she told me about her 3 daughters who were swimmers. I later had the pleasure of meeting the very polite, sweet and Athletic daughters and Jenny's super thoughtful husband, who surprised her with a purchase of a cool 26.2 gold & crystal anklet. The Cancello family is another example of a family that races and exercises together and who are setting a great example for others to follow. Last but not least the McCann family is another shining star in this category, Chuck, Pam and son Hunter, are all fierce race competitors. They consistently win or place high in their age category. But I admire them most for the way they conduct themselves as a family. Fitness is so important in so many ways. It's just been amazing for me to meet these people and get to know them. I say; keep up the good work! and I challenge others to follow their example. If you know of other exceptional families or individuals please post them on this blog for all of us to admire.
Keep on running!!!!
"Running is a gift I give myself almost everyday. Even on those days when things haven't gone great, I can come home and give myself the accomplishment of a 30 minute or more run".