Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Starting a new biz from the love of Running and Jewelry

This is the beginning of a new business originated from two old passions; running and Arts & Crafts! Running has been a passion of mine since my Papa read Jim Fixx’s book; "The complete book of running". He took up the sport and I joined him. So from my passion for Art & Crafts, (I get that from my mother, the artist)I've now found a super cool way to incorporate these two loves; in "Milestones Jewelry". Milestones Jewelry is a new line of inspirational running and race themed jewelry designed for athletes of all levels, from the first time racer to the seasoned marathon runner! This unique collection of one of a kind, hand crafted Jewelry features "Milestone" charms for 5K, 10K, half marathons and marathons. Runners of all ages now have the opportunity to commemorate their special race with beautiful Jewelry that truly captures the essence of the race.
Milestones Jewelry uses only the finest quality materials including Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Our products are made for runners by runners. Milestones Jewelry was founded on the love of running, racing and inspiration…and a need for jewelry to commemorate racing achievements!
This blog is intended to chronicle what I hope will be a successful business and about me personally as a runner and new business owner. I will share my successes and my failures (which I’m sure I’ll learn much from).
So enjoy and please contribute as much as you can.