Monday, May 11, 2009

Milestones ROCKED "Danskins SheROX"

WOW!! What more can I say, other than we ROCKED IT!! SheROX ROCKS!! What a great event and Expo for us. This event had all the elements perfect for Milestones Jewelry to really shine.
2200 ALL FEMALE triathlon participants with lots of first timers. Plus every participant was required to come to the expo to rack their bikes for the next mornings triathlon. Other than having 2 other Jewelry vendors there, all the elements were perfect. The race director and expo coordinator were fantastic and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Erin and Mr. "Z".
We set record sales numbers and I know I say it every time; but it's so true, we met so many nice people who are so passionate about their sport. Girls, keep up the great work and I hope to see many of you again at our upcoming events. Next weekend we are at the US Secret Service 5K race in Tampa, FL. Join us if you can. AND THE BIG NEWS............the on line shopping on our website is really, really close to being up and running. I can't wait!!!!
Well, I've got tons of things to do to get ready for our next events and btw, my training for the Chicago Marathon officially starts June 1. I was sick most of last week and exhausted yesterday, so I missed my long run. Christine and I are going to try and sweat out 9 miles today if we can.
I've got to get back in my grove on my mileage. We'll see what this week holds, but if I can stay healthy I should have a nice base going into my marathon training schedule.
keep on running, biking and swimming. See you on the road to a healthy life.