Monday, July 26, 2010

On the road to New Jersey & Philly Triathlon Events

Well last weekend was a Milestone Sales Record event for Milestones Sports Jewelry. The New Jersey State Triathlon in Princeton, put on by CGI Racing was a fantastic event for us and the Awesome Athletes as well. We rolled out our new line of Pewter Jewelry that includes a great Tri Pendant on an adjustable rope necklace for men. but the ladies loved it too.
The Entire line was a huge hit!!! Real Men Wear Jewelry......Tri it!!!!! Check it out at
This coming weekend we are off to the Women's SheRox Tri in Philly. We are looking forward to another great event.Then the following weekend we wrap it up with the Jersey Girl Ti on the Jersey shore!!!
We enjoy these events so much. We meet such nice people. All ages, sizes, & shapes. They are amazing people. The first timers are so much fun to talk with. I am especially interested in picking their brains and listening to their stories because I am training for my first Triathlon, Oct. 2nd at Lake Lanier near Atlanta, GA .At the same time I'll be training for my 6th marathon in Jacksonville, FL on December 19th. Some times I think I'm crazy, but it keeps me going and keeps me focused on a specific goal. The Triathlon is a big challenge. I just bought my first road bike and am excited to get home and start my cycling training. My business partner, Christine just completed her first Triathlon this weekend at Crystal River, FL so the Challenge is on. Now she can wear all our cool Triathlon Jewelry and I can't, until I complete my first Tri. I love the Jewelry so much that it's worth it to train and complete a Triathlon. Plus it's a great new challenge for me.
Well stay healthy, and remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it!!!
In health,