Tuesday, August 25, 2009


WOW, so very much going on. Milestones Jewelry is gearing up for one of our biggest expos to date; The US 10K CLASSIC in Atlanta, GA. Over 15,000 runners for the 10K plus I'm not sure how many for the 100K Bike ride. We are super excited and making lots of new designs. We are making some bracelets with college colors and running charms so customers can show their team pride and their passion for their sport.
My partner Christine is coming up from Florida to work the show with me, it will be good to see her.
Chicago.....training is going pretty good. Did my long run last Sunday at Chatuge Dam trail; 18 miles, this Sunday, 19 miles, then 20, 21 and 22, then I can coast into my one taper week. I think my coach is crazy, but I'm obviously crazier than he is for following his crazy schedule. I really hope the weather is cool.
PARIS........Yes, Paris, France, they announced the official date of the marathon; April 11th, 2 days after my 50th birthday. It will be my 5th marathon, on my 50th birthday! What a way to celebrate.
But for now I need to concentrate on Milestones Jewelry and Chicago marathon. All is going great in the mountains, I am loving my new life but still trying to settle into a routine.
Running alone in very lonely, I have met a few runners but no one really to run with. I think I'll post a flyer asking people to help me form a running club.
Life is very good!!!!

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