Friday, March 20, 2009

George W. Bush was in my Neighborhood last night

OMG........ I went out for a short run last night. I was still sore from running 300's at track on Tuesday and decided to run a short 4 mile route in my neighborhood instead of my beach run. Near the end of my run I saw a few cop cars, men in black suits, & cell phones at a really nice house on my street. I assumed they were having a big party. There were 2 cop cars and cones blocking the street I wanted to turn on to but I assumed again that they were just trying to keep cars out not people. When I tried to make the turn they yelled that it was a secure area and I'd have to go the other way. I then said "Dude you are ruining my running route" (with a smile of course). Then I see a big TV camera and a reporter approach me to see if she could ask me a few questions. Long story short they did a short interview with me and and shot some B roll of me running. I looked like a total dork :-) So I was on the ABC affiliates 11 o'clock newscast. They lead with "Melody Tabman gets her workout interrupted by the George W. Bush".
so funny!!!
Anyway, Milestones Jewelry has a race this weekend called the Armadillo run 5K that we are displaying and hopefully selling our Jewelry line. I've gotten 2 e-mails and a phone call today from people who saw us at past expos and want to purchase more Jewelry. YEAH!!
I'll let you know how this weekend goes with the sales, since it's not a traditional expo I don't have too high of hopes. But right now we are just looking for all the exposure we can get and make all the connections we can make. It's a lot of hard work right now. But I feel confident that it will all pay off.
The next race I'm running is the 10K Iron Girl in Clearwater, FL and I'm registered for the Chicago Marathon, October 11th. Anyone run Chicago before, any advice??
Well, Gotta run,

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JuJu said...

Hey Melody, good for you! I was wondering what you've been up to, and now I know! Catch me up on Murphy and all that's going on. I will spread the word on your site!