Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well I am finally moved in to my home in Murphy, N.C. The move has been really hard, so much unpacking, heavy lifting, etc. very tiring and hard on the legs. But it is so beautiful here I just can't put it into words. This has been my dream to move here since we bought this house 8 years ago. WOW, and here I am. I have had many Milestones since; but my two biggest ones are my first long run here last Sunday, 14 miles, and not one flat spot to be had. I am running from the bottom of my mountain down a main road. Now "main road" is very relative, not too many cars, but lots of dogs trying to become my new running partners and no bike or running lanes. So when cars do approach I have to jump off the side of the road. But anyway my 14 miler was truly a Milestone, I didn't know if I could make the full 14 miles without walking (but I did) and second, I had been stung by a bee the day before and my left inner leg was very swollen, I encountered many dogs on the way, ran some of the steepest hills I have run in many years, fell off the side of the highway and slightly twisted my right ankle (at 7 miles) and then ran the next 7 miles in driving rain!! But...I was so happy to be running in these beautiful mountains with the song birds, roosters, wild rabbits, turkeys, cows, horses, Dogs :-), and at the top of each hill another beautiful vista.
So now to my second Milestone... My first track workout alone. The fitness center near my house has a 1/4 mile track of sorts. It's really beautiful, sunflowers growing in the center of the track, I saw several wild rabbits, which reminded me of the tortoise and the hare story; I think that was a sign for me to be the "tortoise" :-). It was a great workout, 8-200's with a 200 rest in between, mile warm up and mile and half cool down. I was really stoked after my workout. I took some videos with my camera that closely resemble The Blair witch project photography. I was a little slower than my goal times but my legs are super sore from trying to adjust to so much hill running. I am just so thankful to be living in such a beautiful place.
I'm finally starting to get a bit organized, still tons to do, and looking forward to getting some gardening done. Hard work, but a big pay off. I will close with two list, "Things I love" and "Things I hate" here.
Things I love,:
The weather, The song birds, The views, the chipmunks living under my back deck, The quite, the darkness at night, all the cool things I see while running, people I don't know waving to me like a friend, drinking out of the stone water fountain at the church, the first half of my regular run is mostly down hill, having Bruce as a neighbor (he knows how to do everything), spending most of the day with my dog Maya and walking her on our shaded gravel path, the fresh produce at the "Old Well market", but mostly the peace in my heart.
Things I dislike:
THE SQUIRRELS, ticks, BEES, the few cars that don't move over when I'm running, and the last half of my regular run is ALL UP HILL (and I mean steep up hill) and I miss my family and running buddy Christine.
Not too bad; I'd say the good FAR, FAR out weighs the bad.
SO far I'm not lonely, too busy for that. I am looking forward to getting caught up enough that I can take time to sit on my deck and enjoy the view and get some time at the Lake and rivers.
Slow down my friends, Life just moves too fast. There's just so much to enjoy, and as the saying goes, the best things in really are FREE.
now go out and set your own Milestones.
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Stay tuned.....Chicago marathon is only 12 weeks and 4 days away. OMG!!
I have a 8 miler to run this afternoon, can't wait!!


JuJu said...

I was thinking about you just the other day and wondering if you were settled into the Murphy house. Congrats!!
I'm hoping we can get up there in October, but if not, we'll definitely be up there for our annual New Year's Eve adventure!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Well, i'm glad things are good for the most part then. And I love the squirrels...maybe i'm just really used to them though. :)