Sunday, June 28, 2009


So today I was packing all my "stuff" that has become so UNIMPORTANT to me NOW, and making the last minute plans for the permanent move to N.C. I am supposed to say I'm nervous but I'm not.....not about the move. I can't wait for the fresh air, the walks with my baby Maya, my new office, my new garden and tons of potted plants. Running the hills to make me stronger for Chicago marathon. The cooler weather, THE WHITE WATER..... I can taste the adrenaline !!!!

Yes, some would say one door is closing for me...... I don't see it that way, but OK, if it is, I'm ready, and and I see a huge sea parting for me to walk through at my leisure.....I am filled with hope and anticipation. I can taste the adventure of my new life. Not that my old one was anything I'd ever change a minute of. I have been so lucky, so blessed, and I have made the most of every thing I could in my life. I have the best of everything....the best mother, mother's husband, Papa (father), Papa's wife, my husband, brother, sister in-laws, brother-in law; the best friends, house, car, coach, but most of all I have what all these people have contributed to my life to make me ..well ME. With all my flaws, I can still look in the mirror and be happy with who I've turned out to be.

I am so blessed, and I know that is a term thrown around so loosely I hate even using it. But I must tell you that the growth I've experienced over the last 3 years or so is so profound that I could never find words to describe it.
Today something that touched my life very deeply is that my brother drove over an hour to see me for less than 30 minutes, I offer to buy him a camera for his computer so we can see each other and communicate on Skype when I'm in North Carolina and before I get home from our friends house he has bought the camera, and signed up for Skype. Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot to you but you should be lucky enough to know my brother.

So I could go on forever, because my heart is so filled up with Hope and joy. but I'll spare you. I leave you with, just this: "Look INSIDE yourself for happiness as it is the only place you will truly find it, be true to yourself and your dreams and most importantly be true to those who TRULY love you, and they are not always those that you think".
This post is dedicated to my brother Eric. I love you and I thank you for ALWAYS keeping me grounded and most of all for your unconditional love.
May "Skype" be with us!!! OK and The FORCE TOO!!!

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

that's so sweet of your brother. I'm glad you're all excited about the move...I'd be so nervous but it sounds like a great next step in the adventure of your life.