Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MADDOG Triathlong leaves me DOG tired but happy!!

READY,SET, SHOP!!Milestones Jewelry on line shopping is up and running!!! :-) FINALLY!!
I hope you will check it out. We have something for everyone, from the walker, runner, triathlete as well as inspirational jewelry that everyone will love.
click on the link at the beginning of this post (Milestones Jewelry).

I'm So excited that our on line shopping website is FINALLY DONE. And I want to tell you about our weekend at the Maddog Triathlon this weekend. I had no idea, but from what they told me the Maddog Triathlon club is the biggest Triathlon club in the country. And let me tell you they put on a great event. Milestones Jewelry was one of the sponsors and vendors and we enjoyed great success. So many people expressed how much they loved our jewelry and proved it by making purchases to commemorate their own race and many bought presents for their friends and family. But as my headline says; it left me DOG tired. Me and my partner were on our feet 12 hours just on Saturday alone.
So now I'm concentrating on optimizing my website and getting my first E-newsletter designed and ready to go out to all the great folks who have signed up for our Milestones Jewelry E-mail club. If you'd like to sign up (and you'll want to because we'll be giving away great prizes, offering discounts and including articles and links you'll find very interesting and helpful. just log on to www.milestonessportsjewelry.com and you'll see the sign up box for our E-mail Club on the left side of the home page site.
Well gotta run, it's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing......SPEED WORK AT THE TRACK!!!
Stay tuned.....Chicago marathon 18 week training program starts next Monday and only 29 days before I move to North Carolina. The next 29 days should be interesting. Quote for the day:
Days are scrolls: write on them only what you want remembered.
-Bchya Ibn Pakuda

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