Sunday, August 9, 2009


Surfing Hanelai Bay in Kauai, Hawaii. What a blast. The picture is of my friends Marty and Charity, Brad, and my husband Stu. I'm the cutie in the middle of the surf board, just kidding. Wow, what a blast we have been having. Beautiful Scenery, the Wainea Canyon, The Na Pali Coast, Zip Lining, and now surfing. I love it. and I havent' missed a single run yet. Tomorrow I'm running 15 miles on a trail that runs on a cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean. I hope it goes well, I'm a bit tired but I think I'll be OK especially since the scenery will be so beautiful. The food is great here, especialy if you love Sushi as much as I do. Everything is so fresh. We are off to a cool Tapas restaurant tonight with the gang. More to come after I return and put my picture album together for your viewing pleasure.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh wow, this sounds great. My parents visisted hawaii and they loved it as well.