Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, Milestones is looking better and better. We have a new set up with double banners and a nice E-Z pop up tent. The tent wasn't really that E-Z to set up but we figured it out.
We had a good day at the May Classic 5K in Hyde Park, Tampa on Saturday. Again, we met tons of nice people who all seemed to love our line of running and endurance sports jewelry.
We are gearing up for this weekends "Danskins SheROX" all woman's triathlon in Orlando.
It's our first big paid expo and we are super nervous. We have the expense of the expo entry, hotel for one night, gasoline, food, etc. We need a really good day on Saturday just to break even. But I know we will make some good contacts and it's great exposure for us. So stay tuned for the outcome on that one.
Check out the picture of our new set up!!!
Also our website is coming along. I can't wait until that is up and running.
and speaking of running; I haven't done much this past week. I ran on Monday and Tuesday and had great runs, then Wednesday I came down with this horrible flu. Hope it's not the swine flu. :-(
I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow to make sure and to get some meds. I need to get back on the road running. I don't want to lose my fitness level. I need to be strong going into my Chicago marathon training that starts June 1st. Which just happens to be the same day I'm moving to North Carolina. Yes, I'm moving but our business will remain here in Florida with my partner, Christine. She will continue doing shows in Florida. I'll be flying down for the bigger shows to help her out. Then I plan on setting up some shows and expos in the SW North Carolina area and of course managing the website. I'll keep you posted on the move and my Chicago marathon training.
Have a great week and I'll check back in after SheROX.