Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well we finally returned home from our visit in Florida and our expo at the Mobile First Light marathon in Mobile, AL. We had a wonderful time with my family but had to extend our stay due to the terrible weather in North Carolina. We live at the top of a mountain and when it snows the road to our home is not passable without chains on the tires. But we are here and ready to get back to work, home life and training. My Triathlon training is not going very well at all. Between the traveling and little fact that I can not cycle AT ALL here with all the snow and ice, only the swimming and running is really possible at this time. But we'll be in Florida soon enough and I look forward to actually learning HOW to ride my bike. :-) I have lots of friends there that are great at cycling so I'm hoping they will help me out.
Since my Jacksonville marathon my training has been very sporadic. It's so hard after you run a marathon and don't have a set date for your next event, to stay on track with training. So I think I'll sit down today and pick a Triathlon to sign up for in Spring, a sprint Tri of course:-) and then I am thinking of committing (mentally) to run the Mohawk Hudson marathon in upstate New York in October, IF.......I don't get into the New York City marathon on November 6th. So it's New York either way. I'll see how training goes and decide if I'll go for my BQ in this marathon or just hope to shave 6-7 minutes this marathon, and then try to qualify in my next marathon after that. Lots to think about. I'll keep you posted on my decision on the Triathlon I pick!!
Well I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start!!  Set your goals now and go after them. I'll keep you posted on mine.
Have a great day!!

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